June 5, 2009

Court helps first Kirklees’ forced marriage victim

A forced marriage has been prevented by law for the first time in Kirklees (UK): a new law […]
June 5, 2009

Lord Tebbit compares Sharia law with Kray twins’ arbitration system

Lord Tebbit, an influential former British cabinet member, has expressed his strong dissatisfaction with the option of using […]
June 3, 2009

24-year rule affects marriage rates

The introduction of stringent family reunification measures in Denmark has halved the number of young women from immigrant […]
June 2, 2009

Proposal to Outlaw forced marriages in Sweden

Nearly 70,000 young Swedes feel they aren’t able to freely choose whom they want to marry, according to […]
June 2, 2009

A match made in the old ways

Rahila Muhibi, a native of Afghanistan and a recent college graduate in North Carolina, has no intentions of […]
June 1, 2009

Oklahoma Governor Henry signs budget bill

Oklahoma governor Brad Henry has signed House Bill 1834, which makes it a felony to engage in female […]
May 31, 2009

Ottawa man guilty in “honour” killings of sister, fiance

A “twisted sense of values” led an Ottawa, Canada man to murder his sister and the man she […]
May 30, 2009

FGM among Somali women living in the Netherlands

Four out of ten Somali and Ethiopian women who give birth in the Netherlands have been genitally mutilated. […]
May 27, 2009

Clinic in Spain offers hope for victims of FGM

A clinic in Barcelona, Spain, is offering reconstructive surgery of the clitoris to women who have been circumcised. […]
May 27, 2009

Afghan women fight on

In the troubled east and south of Afghanistan, Taliban are burning girls’ schools and throwing acid in the […]
May 27, 2009

Girl kidnapped by parents refuses to testify against them

A Moroccan girl who was reportedly kidnapped by her family has refused to testify against them, a Barcelona, […]
May 27, 2009

UK man jailed for raping teenage bride

A man has been jailed for five years for raping his teenage bride who was trapped and unhappy […]
May 26, 2009

‘If We Now Kill Schoolgirls, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised’

Responding to threats from the Taliban, at least 10 girls’ schools have shut down near Kunduz in northern […]
May 22, 2009

Allow hijabs, ban prayers at council meetings: report

A report written on immigrants in Quebec, Canada recommends that hijabs be permitted in council meetings in order […]
May 21, 2009

Number of Honor Killings in Europe Higher Than Thought

A report compiled by the Council of Europe warns that the killings of women by family members to […]