AHA Foundation’s Top 5 Blogs of 2021

Published 1/13/2022

These are the stories that resonated most with our supporters in 2021: Hanna Nour, a member of our Critical Thinking Fellowship, shares her thoughts on leaving Islam and free speech on campus; Ibn Warraq, the “godfather” of the ex-Muslim movement, and Asra Nomani, an accomplished reporter and a Muslim reformer, reflect on 9/11; Jenn, a survivor of child marriage from the U.S., tells her harrowing but ultimately triumphant story; and Fatima Ali condemns the abuse of girls in her community.

Thank you for reading and sharing these stories throughout 2021—because breaking the silence is the first step in ending abuse and standing up for liberty for all. When we all act together, we can make a huge difference.

“As a Muslim Woman, I Was Told What To Do, What To Think, and Never To Question Islam—I Was Indoctrinated,” CTF Fellow Discusses Leaving Islam

Ibn Warraq, the Godfather Of the Ex-Muslim Movement, Speaks About Future Dangers of Islamism On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Asra Nomani Always Considered Herself a Muslim Reformer. 9/11 Showed Her That She Needed To Do More

“It is our job to protect the innocence of our children.” Jenn survived child marriage in the U.S. Now she fights to end it.

Fatima Ali, a Former Muslim, Condemns Abuse of Girls She Witnessed in Her Community: “There is no piety in enabling what you know is wrong”