International Women’s Day – A Day of Celebration and Renewed Commitment

The fight against women’s oppression and abuse is not a thing of the past. Even in the Western countries, this fight is entrenched and often hidden in the daily lives of women and girls who may be our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. This March 8, International Women’s Day, we feature the stories of women who triumphed over abuse and oppression in pursuit of freedom and women’s rights in the 21st century. We thank them for sharing their stories, and for stepping up to the front lines of the fight to give a voice and power to those who are still silenced by shame, threats, and pain. Read about the strong, passionate woman who drive our activism below. #IWD2019

The Human Rights Violation Of Women That Rarely Gets Discussed – The Hoover Institution



Trapped in A Marriage with an Al-Qaeda Operative, Yasmine Fought Back for the Sake of Her Daughter

Once “a Shell of a Person Living in a Haze” of Forced Marriage, Nina Van Harn Fights Back and Wins the First Case of Forced Marriage Annulment in the State of Michigan


A Survivor Shares: When Female Genital Cutting Occurs, Childhood Ends and Trauma Begins


  1. Jack Manhattan says:

    It takes a moment of reflection to realize, conceptualize, the daily – hourly – exposure of the body feminine to the exquisitely cruel the inheritance of gender. But when I do, it takes my breath away. Literally – like a punch in the stomach. Such vaginaphobic guys – husbands, fathers, brothers to make into objects of control & punishment, to suffocate slowly the power of self-determination, expression, bodily integrity, future possibilities; all those things which are the true and rightful inheritance. Suppression is not “culture”, it’s criminal. A crime truly against ALL humanity, not just half.

  2. Kathryn Hill says:

    What brave ladies!

  3. ellen holmes says:

    Thank you Ayan for your courage and dedication in helping girls and women! You are a true hero and a saint!

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