May 15, 2009

Canadian expert: Honour killings ‘act of purifying through blood’

Honour killings involve a cleansing of dishonor aimed at restoring a family’s respect after the so-called “misbehaviour” of […]
May 14, 2009

Turkish Appeals Court lenient on’honor killing’

Turkey’s top appeals court has upheld a lower court’s decision to be lenient on those who are found […]
May 13, 2009

UK dentist faces second headscarf complaint

A British dentist recommended women wore traditional religious headscarves in his surgery to make him feel more comfortable, […]
May 12, 2009

Michigan high court considers Muslim veil issue

The Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday weighed if judges can regulate how witnesses dress after a Muslim woman’s […]
May 12, 2009

Debate in Saudi Arabia over Women in Media

In a recently issued communique, 35 Saudi clerics called on the country’s newly appointed culture and information minister, […]
May 12, 2009

Recreating virginity in Iran

Many women in Iran opt for hymen repair surgery to satisfy a culture that insists on bridal virginity. […]
May 12, 2009

Canada ‘honour killing’ trial hears details of shooting

Hasibullah Sadiqi, who faces two counts of first-degree murder, told a friend he got mad and lost control […]
May 10, 2009

Saudi Judge’s Ruling Sparks Controversy

Husbands are allowed to slap their wives if they spend lavishly, a Saudi judge said recently during a […]
May 10, 2009

Burkina Faso clinic to fight taboo of female mutilation

Africa’s first clinic designated for the reconstruction of female genitalia will open in Bobo-Dialousso this year. The clinic […]
May 2, 2009

Residents in Pakistan’s Swat Valley resign themselves to strict Islamic laws

When the straggly-haired holy warriors took over his village in Pakistan’s Swat valley, 18-year-old Fawad Ali resigned himself […]
April 30, 2009

Italy: Muslim women allowed to swim in private

Muslim women in the northern Italian province of Bergamo now have private access to a local swimming pool […]
April 30, 2009

Saudi official grants girl, 8, divorce

Faisal bin Bandar, prince of Saudi Arabia’s Qassim Province, has granted an 8-year-old girl a divorce from her […]
April 30, 2009

Analysis: E Pluribis Islam?

Irshad Manji writes about some of the difficulties reformist Muslims face. via:[]
April 27, 2009

Danish politicians unite against forced marriages

A majority in Denmark’s Parliament is prepared to crack down on imams who perform forced and unregistered Muslim […]
April 26, 2009

British airline company told stewardess to wear Muslim robe

A British air stewardess was fired for refusing to fly to Saudi Arabia after she was ordered to […]