September Newsletter: No justice for victims in first federal case against FGM in the U.S., stepmom and wife at the age of 15, AHA Foundation on the frontlines of educating professionals about FGM and child marriage

Dear AHA Foundation Supporter,
As somebody who cares about protecting girls from female genital mutilation (FGM) in the U.S. I know this will come to you as difficult news—the first-ever federal prosecution of allegedly performing FGM in the U.S. has come to an unfortunate close. As an FGM survivor, I am deeply disappointed and saddened that justice for the girls who were cut in a clinic in Detroit has not been served. Read our update here.
At the age of 15, Genevieve Meyer was transported across several state lines by her own mother in search of a court that would approve a marriage between Genevieve and a man almost 30 years older than her. Read about her harrowing journey to freedom here
Thanks to your support, this month, our Senior Director, Amanda Parker, trained current and future therapists, counselors, social workers, and advocates at the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma about the practice of FGM and its dangers. We also, alongside child marriage survivor Naila Amin, spoke at the World Bank where we called for action to end child marriage in the U.S.
Thousands of girls across the U.S. are in danger or suffering from abuses just like these endured by the girls in Detroit, and young Genevieve in California. With you on our side, working together, we can and must bring an end to these atrocities in our country.
Thank you,
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder