AHA Foundation’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

With the new year, we invite you to look back with us and catch up on the AHA Foundation’s most popular blog articles of 2017 as determined by you, our readers:

Trapped in A Marriage with an Al-Qaeda Operative, Yasmine Fought Back for the Sake of Her Daughter

What you said: “Your courage is an inspiration to all, men and women.” – Henry


Not Comfortable With How Female Genital Mutilation is Shown in Photos, A Swedish Photographer Applies a New Approach


Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation Pleads to Other Parents to Have Mercy on Their Girls

What you said: “Beautifully written. There will be change because of people like you.” – Ali


Activist and Survivor of FGM, F.A. Cole, Refuses to be Silent About the Night She was Mutilated

What you said: “F.A. Cole is a woman of towering strength and courage.” – Chris


Ayaan Hirsi Ali Awarded the Oxi Day Courage Award

What you said: “She is a true visionary and our modern day hero.” – Roberta


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