May 19, 2015

Ayaan Takes ‘Heretic’ on the Road to Canada and Europe

Since the launch of Heretic in March, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has taken every available opportunity to speak out […]
July 31, 2013

In Europe, the Female Genital Mutilation: My Way of Saying No photographic exhibition pays tribute to the individuals across Europe and Africa who risk opposition to make a stand against the practice.

Men and women who speak out against female genital mutilation often risk danger and abuse. The Female Genital […]
November 16, 2011

Debate rages about forced marriages in Europe

There is growing debate in Europe about forced marriages. It has been the focus of a conference at […]
September 28, 2011

FGM occurs in Europe, advocates say the creation of anti-FGM laws has been a positive development but active enforcement of them is key

While FMG is illegal in most European countries, “the practice is certainly still prevalent amongst communities originally from […]
March 5, 2011

Feminism’s Multicultural Blind Spot

David Frum writes about feminism’s multicultural blind spot and urges change. via:[]
February 8, 2011

Honor Killings in Europe

In an analysis, Valentina Colombo writes that “Honor-related violence can now be described as a European phenomenon”. via:[]
November 9, 2010

We Need to Talk About Islam

Nina Shea and Paul Marshall write that the Wilders trial shows the threat religious hate-speech laws pose to […]
May 10, 2010

Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings

In the Middle East Quarterly, Phyllis Chesler writes: “to combat the epidemic of honor killings requires understanding what […]
May 3, 2010

MEP calls for Europe-wide burqa ban

German MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin has called for a Europe-wide ban on the wearing of the burqa: “”The burqa […]
February 4, 2010

Burqa becomes focus of tense debate in Europe

In a debate on the burqa, Ayaan Hirsi Ali said: “What we are seeing in Europe is that […]
January 28, 2010

Europe must end the mutilation of its women

Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Deputy Health Minister, writes: “National efforts to end the practice of female genital mutilation […]
September 19, 2009

Scandinavia fights female genital mutilation

Sweden, Denmark and Norway try to stop genital mutilation among immigrants at home and abroad. via:[,0]
May 21, 2009

Number of Honor Killings in Europe Higher Than Thought

A report compiled by the Council of Europe warns that the killings of women by family members to […]