AHA’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

With the new year, we invite you to look back with us and catch up on the AHA Foundation’s most popular blog articles of 2016 as determined by you, our readers:

Sarah Haider, Co-Founder of Ex-Muslims in North America, Shares Her Transition to Atheism and the Need to Look Up to Fathers who Champion Women’s Rights

sarah best of 2016

What you said: “Love these strong women. Great role models.” (Dharris)


Once “a Shell of a Person Living in a Haze” of Forced Marriage, Nina Van Harn Fights Back and Wins the First Case of Forced Marriage Annulment in the State of Michigan

Nina-Van-Harn best of 2016

What you said: “God Bless you Nina! And your lawyer too — we need more lawyers like him. Congrats on the win.” (Charlotte)


“I heard things I could not imagine:” a Kenyan Activist Reveals How He Became a Voice Against FGM

tony-mwebia best of 2016


My Escape from Child Marriage to Freedom

Gabriella-Gillespie best of 2016

What you said: “Grateful to this work hard to end the oppression!” (Eleanor)


Ayaan Honored with the New-York Historical Society Award, Participates in a Heated Debate at the Women in the World Summit

ayaan best of 2016

What you said: “You are a true inspiration Ayaan.” (Renee)


If you’d like to read more articles, we invite you to check out some of our other popular posts from this past year:

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Ayaan’s Bravery Inspires a Room Full of Lions


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